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Conure Connection is a small coalition of bird lovers in florida whose mission is to improve avian genetics, captive care, and public awareness.

We are a small facility based in 4 primary locations in florida but have many volunteers across the state, and supporters across the country. 

We are a small grassroots organization with the focused specialization on Conures. 

we are not able to rescue every conure in need.  We wish we could, but it just isn't feasible at this point in time.  Those that we must turn away,  we continue to struggle to find an alternative location or temporary solution to the issue.  

We will take in other species with similar dietary requirements and social compatibilities if there is a need or they come as a bonded pair to a conure.  Other species we will take include caiques, senegals, pionus, hahn's macaws, meyers parrot, jardine parrot, quakers, etc.

The owners we work with are heartbroken to have to rehome their children,  they are trying to find every possible way to keep them, those that have taken the best possible care of them but are not meeting their own high standards, as well as those that know their beloved pets deserve much better than they are able to provide at this time.  

These are the owners we aim to help.  Whether it is to be a temporary foster solution while you relocate, a temporary home until the perfect loving family with your criteria and an abundance of love and time can come along, or a permanent sanctuary for your feathery child relax and live life without worries finally. 

Birds at our facility receive an abundance of care and attention.  They are fed a variety of nutritious and fun foods with a primary diet on fresh foods supplemented by pellet mixtures and seed blends for dessert.  They get plenty of time to play with toys and playgyms, other birds to fly and wrestle with, and loving humans to ride around on for scritches and baths.  They have time outdoors in pkay houses when weather permits as well as free flight time in our homes.

Our feeding chart, photos of our facilities, veterinarian information, etc. all available upon request